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Absolutely not! Of course - your previous fishing experience can help in some specific situations, especially with fast and correct handling of the fishing gear or fighting with the fish.

But it's more important to have open mind, good humor and some positive attitude under the fishing trip.

Knowledge, patience and practice will do the job!

No problem! Just let me know few days before the planned trip. I'll adapt the fishing equipment just for your preferences.

The new sonar technology gives you the ability to see fish swimming, see your lure — and see it all live and in real time.

On the sonar screen you are able to see a real time nature program about life under water.

Frequently Asked Question

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General Question

Some ordinary questions from fishing trips:

I will provide the fishing license for the guided tour.

I will guide you through the process of purchasing the license in case you would like to fish on your own later.

Every fishing place has specific regulations regarding the quantity and size of fish you are allowed to keep.

I will explain all the rules for this specific fishing spot during the guided tour.

On this day, I can provide the following options for payment of a guided fishing tour:

14 days invoice





Information about the specific meeting time and destination point will be delivered few days before the confirmed guiding trip.

Depending on the fishing destination and season, you need to provide suitable clothes to feel comfortable during the day.

Having some extra drinking water or coffee/tea and a sandwich/fruit can be beneficial.

For the sea coast guiding tour, your desired fishing equipment will be necessary (fly/spin rod + baits).

I will provide the fishing equipment during the boat trip, but you can bring some of your own gear if you prefer.

At this time, I do not have any toilet on my boat.

If needed, we are able to be on the lake coast/bridge usually within 15 minutes. Some of the places have public toilets; otherwise, we need to handle it in the scout way 🙂