About Me

“A bad day of fishing is still better than a good day at the office!”.

My fishing carrer started in Gdańsk, Poland in very young age and began like a simple hobby. During the years I started to learn new fishing technics and using the boats + fish finders sonar to localisate the fishes. In 2006 we (together with my family) moved to Sweden. Here the simle hobby developed to the next level of passion & lifestyle. My growing fishing skills and technics, together with some new contacts with different anglers from whole of the Europe, gives me oportunity to fascinating trips and studying new fish species. I'm really happy to have a good health and oportunities to develop my fishing adventure every year. 

Piotr Wawrzyniuk

Vättern lake - one of my favourite fishing spots.

Love to fish beautiful arctic trouts and fight with the strongest lake trouts I've met in my life. Up there you can see my trolling boat and the shadow in cristal clear and cold water.

Fishing & Photography

Usually in my travels I'm trying to connect two of my hobbies together: fishing & photography.

I attach great importance to every detail in my fishing adventure photography. Every time I go fishing, my DSLR Nikon Camera or little DIJ Drone are already placed in my backpack!

All results you can see in my image gallery :)